Uniquely Australian Tour

Uniquely Australian Tour

What a week we had with Swami Radhananda and Swami Lalitananda! It was so rich in teaching and learning, walking the path of self discovery as well as such good fun and a shared journey that will enrich our lives forever.
We explored just a little of what is uniquely Australian with the Swamis – met some of the local fauna, trod the ground of the ancient, saw the iconic architecture and natural beauty, sheltered from the harsh summer sun and ate the local delicacies (minus the witchety grubs)!

For me personally however, it was the warm embrace of these beautiful women who entered our lives so naturally and personally, challenging us, teaching us, learning with us, sharing their journeys of transformation and growth. The opportunity to retreat together for the weekend with a rich diversity of women and one young man, was a taster, for many, of the value of taking time to further discover our Essence, to grow our self awareness and to enjoy the Divine within us all.

I think there are a few seriously considering the enormous value of crossing the Pacific divide and spending time at Yasodhara Ashram. We are privileged that Swamis Radhananda and Lalitananda brought the Ashram to us Downunder; the week filled our lives with Light.

Julie Pinazza

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