Vancouver Lights Up

Vancouver Lights Up

Vancouver yoginis and yogis were happy to welcome Swami Radhananda and Swami Lalitananda here on October 22 & 23. There was a great turn out for both workshops – an encouraging mixture of long time teachers, many traveling from Vancouver Island for the weekend; a group of students new to RADHA who wanted to go deeper and expand their experience and understanding of our teachings; and a number of long time RADHA students taking the opportunity to once again connect with their own inner wisdom. .

Swami Lalitananda invited students to enter into the Inner Life of Asanas and listen to the intelligence of the body in a day of breath, relaxation and listening to the messages of the yoga asanas. There was lots of space to explore and experience the feeling of joy that was emerging by the end of the day.

Swami Radhananda helped us to light up our lives as we focused and concentrated on the Divine Light Invocation, experiencing the power of breath, tension, relaxation and our ability to imagine the Light. As the day progressed we moved more fully into an experience of Light that revealed and sustained and showed how we can continually bring this beautiful practice into daily life.

It was a fulfilling time together – a time to connect with old friends and new and to know the feeling of community that arises when we practice together.

Hari Om
Swami Jyotihananda

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